Living from your heART Membership

Are you a creative soul and do you already have your own experiences with spirituality and flow?
Do you want to use your creativity to bring something positive into this world and contribute on a high level?
Do you love to learn and to try new things?

But besides your successes, do you sometimes not believe in yourself?
Do you sometimes act against your inner voice, believing that things have to be done the way other people preach?
Are you at the mercy of your thoughts, looking for distractions outside?
Do you spend a lot of time overthinking your life?
Are you having difficulty overcoming your inner blocks and fears?


Maybe you find it difficult to fully focus on your mission and to say "No" to other people and shiny possibilietes? 

Maybe it is difficult for you to let your intellect rest and to be fully in the here and now.

Maybe you work at such a high speed that you often can't slow down and lose sight of what really matters.

Maybe you find it difficult to build strong habits and systems in certain areas of your life.

If some of those points apply to you, this community is for you!


  • One Hypnotic Sound Journey a month

  • One Group Coaching Call a month

  • Access to all recordings of former Journeys & Calls.

  • Connection with the community



What other creative souls have experienced

Bob Russo (Coach and former Executive at IBM)

"His intelligence, his warmth, his understanting, his ability to connect with me almost instantly … sold me. [...] Not only was I tansformed into this person now who can tap into his intution more readily – I can now use it to the work I do on a daily basis. [...] I love George, he is a genius, he knows exactly what he is doing and I trust him. 

Anna Gillitzer (IT Manager)

"Coaching with Georg is an amazing experience. I have already learned a lot and he massively helped me to read between the lines, to understand what I want, where I want to go and how to get there - while having more engery, fun and doing more of what I want. I have the feeling that I can talk about every topic with Georg. He listens openly without judgement and he opens new perspectives how I can deal with situations and decisions. I would recommend him to all my friends and think that this is an amzing thing for your personal developement and for experiencing new levels."

Milena Dubbs (Psychologist & Coach)

"I became very intentional with what I am doing everyday. I know the why, the how and the where. […] It was a fascinanting experience. […] You really get to the core questions. […] Go and check it out yourself."

Honey Dijon (Artist, Fashion Designer, DJ)

"If you ever get the chance to work with him, I highly recommend it."

David Perry (Coach)

"The Hypnotic Dream Journey with Georg took me into another world. I let go of my body and existed only in a separate space. It was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had."

Kerry Fisher (Lawyer, Coach, Yoga Teacher)

"A true healer & pure spirit, Georg Stuby is amazing. His Hypnotic Sound Journey will take you to the next level. Melodic, meditative and stunningly mesmerizing, Georg will take you on a healing journey like no other. If you have the chance to do a journey, jump at it. As a wellness educator, coach & healer, I have access to all the most rewarded teachers and I’m telling you, Georg is amongst the best."

About Georg

My name is Georg Stuby and I love guiding creative souls to recognize and accept their true inner Self, becoming clear about their life purpose and creating from inner intuition and spirit. Through this, they become a bridge between the spiritual world and the world of form.

My approach is rooted in the 3 Principles, relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy, music therapy, transpersonal psychology and yoga. I hold certificates in clinical hypnosis, NLP, coaching, 3 Principles Guiding and music therapy. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s in international business psychology.

Besides working with my 1 on 1 clients and organizing retreats, I am active as a musician (piano & guitar), sound engineer, music producer and DJ. As a music producer, I worked for Dior, Google, Resident Advisor and many more. DJ Gigs and Hypnotic Dream Journeys brought me all around the world – from Burning Man to Glastonbury Festival. I published my first book and album in 2021 and also share my insights on my YouTube Channel and Podcast.

My long-term mission is to give to as many people as possible their birthright of inner peace, connection to the divine, and to live from its guidance. I believe that this will elevate the worlds-consciousness to such a high level, that human rights violations and exploitation of nature stop as a side effect.


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