Portal To Creation


Our label is dedicated to producing music for sacred transformative spaces, such as psychedelic ceremonies.
The first album is a musical collaboration between Georg Stuby and Helena Houdova. t is a celebration of life, joy, and the power of pleasure to deepen our intimacy and interconnection.

Drawing on Helena's and Georg's backgrounds in music and psychology, the collaboration aims to open us up to thrive in love and relationships.

The album features twelve songs designed to encourage listeners to embrace their sexuality and tap into their human potential while exploring more profound dimensions of themselves and their relationships.

The album sets the listener on a personal journey, with four tracks designed to build up one's internal energy, culminating in four tracks that accompany a peak experience, followed by four tracks that act as emotional bedding for integration.

The album is designed for those ready to take on a sensual and transformative journey, creating the perfect musical backdrop for intimate connection.

Join us on this musical saga and discover your own Portal to Creation.