About Georg


Hello,  am Georg Stuby, an Amsterdam-based Musician, Certified Music Therapist, and Psychedelic Guide. As a multi-instrumentalist, my approach to guidance in ceremony includes an integration of music and hypnosis. In addition, I am in the midst of completing my master’s degree in psychology, specialising in the psychedelic experience.

With my own clients I love guiding them to

   🌿recognize and accept their true inner Self

   🔅become clear about their life purpose

   💫create  from intuition and spirit



A few years ago, I was in the following situation:

  • I was unsure if I should really follow my dreams.
  • I thought that my environment did not understand and encourage the mindset for artists and self-employed individuals.
  • I wondered whether I should give up being self-employed, get a permanent job and adapt.
  • I kept doubting myself, my abilities and the world around me.
  • I had many existential fears and wondered if I could ever make a living from my craft.
  • I was envious of others and their successes.
  • I blamed others – and therefore gave them power over my life
  • I didn't understand my emotions and often rode a rollercoaster with them.


Although I've been making music for over 25 years, at first, I didn't dare to follow my dream and build my life around it.

That changed when I was almost killed in a car accident at age 22. After that, I asked myself what I wanted to do in my life. My answer:

 To follow my own dreams and support other people to do the same.

To achieve this goal, I have gradually built up the necessary mindsets and skills. On the musical level, I laid the foundations with a sound engineering degree, refined it in several years of coaching with Dr. Nicholas Bougaieff and polished it with producer mentor Mike Monday. Also I learned from multiple instrumental and singing teachers. In my experience, however, mastering one's craft is only one part of a successful and creative life.

Quincy Jones, one of the most influential music producers of the 20th century, once said:

      "Your music can be no more or no less than you are as a human being."




That's why I studied communication sciences, philosophy and management economics and then underwent education as a trainer in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with Germany's NLP veteran Chris Mulzer. In professional mentoring with Dr. Bill Pettit, I further deepened my understanding about the 3-Principles and my coaching skills.

Since April 2021, I have been studying for a Master's degree in International Business and Economic Psychology at SFU Berlin. In order to bridge my passions for music and supporting humans, I became a certified Music Therapist. In addition, I have done a lot of additional coaching, further training and self-experience all over the world.

Since November 2022 I work as a psychedelic Guide for Spinoza in Amsterdam.


Today I work on my music every day and release it several times a year on my own labels. I have played gigs all over the world from Burning Man to Glastonbury Festival. As a music producer, I worked for Dior, Google, Resident Advisor and many more.

I am an expert in supporting creative humans to live from inner peace – and based on that to create a fulfilled life around their calling. Besides that have built up a prosperous business in the creative sector that fulfills me.