Love Your True Inner Self, Know Your Life's Purpose & Create From Intuition And Spirit.

  • Mental Wellbeing.

    Find inner peace and fulfillment – separate from past experiences, separate from present challenges and separate from uncertainty. Relax deeper as ever before and let go of Self doubt, Fear of Rejection, Need of Validation, Existential Fear, Perfectionism and other forms of Mental Stress.

  • Connect with your intuition.

    Find a reliable access to your own intuition and inner wisdom. Learn how to utilize altered states of consciousness – without external substances.

  • Become the powerful creator that you are.

    Learn the best tools & techniques in order to get things done. Boost your creative output. Build a strong body of work and a business around it.

  • Live a life full of meaning.

    Let go of everything that is not truly aligned with your soul. Become clear about what you really want to experience in this life. Discover how you can grow as a soul. Know how to give back & serve others.

What`s in it for you

Be enough

Live from an inner peace knowing that you are already more than enough.


Be confident in your Being and doing. Let go of self doubt.

Make a positive difference

Know how to give back and contribute to a bigger cause.

Deeper Intuition

Follow your Inner guidance & Intuition and trust in life.

Connect with Spirit

Life in connection with the source. Be a bridge between the formless and the form.

10x Your Creativity

Allow yourself to be creative. Find a sustainable way to free your brain and focus on the essentials. Build a strong creation process. Gain momentum and be in flow more consistently.


Build Systems & Strutcure

Systems set you free. Establish bullet proof structures & habits.


How other creators have grown

Bob Russo (Coach and former Executive at IBM)

"His intelligence, his warmth, his understanting, his ability to connect with me almost instantly sold me. Not only was I transformed into this person now who can tap into his intuition more readily – I can now use it to the work I do on a daily basis. He knows exactly what he is doing.“ I love Georg, he is a genius, he knows exactly what he is doing and I trust him. 

Anna Gillitzer (IT Manager)

"Coaching with Georg is an amazing experience. He massively helped me to understand what I want, where I want to go and how to get there - while having more energy, fun and doing more of what I want. I would recommend him to all my friends.”

Milena Dubbs (Psychologist)

"I became very intentional with what I am doing everyday. I know the why, the how and the where. It was a fascinanting experience. You really get to the core questions. Go and check it out yourself."

Honey Dijon (Artist, Fashion Designer, DJ)

"If you ever get the chance to work with him, I highly recommend it."

Jan Henrik Hansen (Architect)

"It was absolutely extraordinary to spend time together. I can only recommend this experience to everybody who is interested to getting to know the amazingly interesting world of our inner world. I am very grateful for this experience."

David Perry (Coach)

"The Hypnotic Dream Journey with Georg took me into another world. I let go of my body and existed only in a separate space. It was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had."

Kerry Fisher (Lawyer, Coach, Yoga Teacher)

"A true pure spirit, Georg Stuby is amazing. His Hypnotic Sound Journey will take you to the next level. Melodic, meditative and stunningly mesmerizing, Georg will take you on a healing journey like no other. If you have the chance to do a journey, jump at it. As a wellness educator & coach, I have access to all the most rewarded teachers and I’m telling you, Georg is amongst the best."

Laura Kimmich (Psychologist, Coach)

"Before I started working with Georg I held many Self-limiting beliefs such as not being intelligent, special and worthy enough to be successful on my own. I tried things half-heartedly and kept a door open for failure.
I was totally fascinated by Georgs calmness and balance, the way he lives his life. His charisma impressed and unsettled me so much that I had a strong impulse to turn away and return to my comfort zone. I decided against it and thus to learn from him.
Nowadays I am the person for others that I saw in Georg: A contact person, mentor, source of inspiration, radiating calmness and an inner security and confidence. My Cacao&Dance is overbooked and I held 13 workshops this year – online and in-person. I reached out to inspiring people and co-created with them, had first coaching attempts, co-founded Cycle Ceremonies and besides began creating my own business as now I am ready for it and don’t need the external security anymore. Also I opened up to my growth mindset. I feel more in sync with my natural rhythm and my inner truth and got closer to getting to know this wonderful soul I am."

Evelin Ludwig (Musician, Music Therapist)

"Georg was the ideal coach for me to start my professional music career. He picked me up with his calm manner and managed to explain technical contexts to me that I had previously shied away from. I have learned to accept that with calmness and consideration, even things that seemed to be difficult to understand, can be solved. 
I am still inspired by the way he approaches things and he is a role model of the insight out method. I had special moments in the community call with his other clients. Georg knows how to bring "like-minded people" together."

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