Are you a creator who is already great at creating?

Do you sometimes ask yourself
„How long is my success going to last?“
„How long can I keep making enough money to support my lifestyle?“

You don’t know how you can ever recreate the quality of inspired and original work people expect of you? Mr. writers-block has you by the balls?

Do you want to do more of your art, while being less stressed?

The challenges of living a creative life

Many creators  don`t know how to deal with stress and conflicts within their life style in a healthy way.

Independent of their level of success, for most artists playing gigs is their main source of income. They endure heavy touring schedules that often make it difficult to stay connected to friends and family.

Many touring artists suffer from sleep deprivation alongside other mental and pyhsical health issues. As a result, lots of artists are prone to mental stress, insecurity, anxiety and panic attacks.  

Others struggle with self discipline and building a coherent body of work. They do not know how to communicate their own value to others in order to make a living as an artist. 

All of this not only threatens the physical and mental health of artists but also their core value: Creativity. 

The solution

Can you relate to this? Then this is for you. Personal coaching with someone who knows all this from own experience can help you to bring more balance, mental wellbeing and creativity to your life. 

Experience a free Coaching Session with me

What`s in it for you

If you are a creator or an artist, I can help you with:

1. Deep inner work

Release all your fears. Break trough your creative blockades. Become more confident and calm. Feel more content and fulfilled. Find your innate mental well-being. Oh, and whenever needed: Get back up - and your shit together.

2. Create what you want to create

Discover WHAT you truly want to create. Find a sustainable way to free your mind and focus on the essentials. Build a bullet-proof creation process. Gain momentum and be in flow more consistently. Naturally discover new streams of income. Profit. 

Experience a free Coaching Session with me

Your manager and booker will love this. You will be more relaxed, know what you want and how to get there. Oh, and you will be much more fun to work with. Can you see how this makes their lives easier?

If you feel, that you want to experience it for yourself and explore what is possible for: Schedule a free 1 on 1 session with me. In this full-on 90 to 120 minute session we will see whether working together will create the same massive value for you as it does for my other clients. Find a button on this webpage and click it 😉 

What other creators have experienced

Friedemann (Drummer for Monolink)

"Georg is a wonderfull coach. My workflow increased a million times. Before Georg I was finishing one tracks a month. Now I can finish 5 Tracks a week. Georg also gave me a lot of tools that helped me to define my goals. I work a lot more focused in every area of my life. It is really worth the money."

Anna (IT Manager at Cisco)

"Coaching with Georg is an amazing experience. I have already learned a lot and he massively helped me to read between the lines, to understand what I want, where I want to go and how to get there - while having more engery, fun and doing more of what I want. I have the feeling that I can talk about every topic with Georg. He listens openly without judgement and he opens new perspectives how I can deal with situations and decisions. I would recommend him to all my friends and think that this is an amzing thing for your personal developement and for experiencing new levels.

Martin & Thomas (Producer and DJ Duo)

"He brought us to a new psychological, spiritual and also technical level. We just can recommend working with him. He also helped us discovering a new way to see us as artists. We would work with him again anytime. 


About me

My name is Georg Stuby and I help creators get back to their innate creative force, step into their power and be the change they want to see in the world.

For many years I have been traveling around the world to find and explore the best techniques, tools, mindsets and lifestyles that make profound transformations. A bachelor degree in Communications, Philosophy, Management & Economics, a trainer certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and several other programs around coaching, psychology and art build the foundation of my work.

Since my car accident, I know that I want to share something of my second life opportunity, my teachings and life lessons with other human beings.

That’s exactly what I have been helping creatives with my videos, workshops and 1 on 1 coaching for the last 2 years: developing their personal creation process, increasing their mental well-being and to create what they want to create.

Experience a free Coaching Session with me