Psychedelic Ceremonies


In my work with psilocybin, specifically utilizing psychedelic truffles, I adopt a holistic and deeply personal approach to ensure a safe, profound, and transformative journey for those I guide. This process is tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each individual, incorporating a variety of techniques and practices. By weaving together these diverse modalities, my work with psilocybin becomes a comprehensive journey that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. My goal is not only to facilitate a profound psychedelic experience but to support a transformative process that extends well beyond the immediate effects of the truffles, offering tools and insights for ongoing personal growth and healing.


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In-Depth Preparation
The journey begins with an online preparation session, where we set intentions, establish a foundation of safety, and build trust. I guide participants through setting their intentions, addressing any apprehensions, and providing information on what to expect. This stage is essential for mental and emotional readiness and significantly influences the journey's outcome.

Trauma-Informed Approach
My practice is trauma-informed, ensuring that the entire process is conducted with an acute awareness of and sensitivity to trauma. This approach is vital for creating a safe space where participants can explore their inner worlds without retraumatization, supported by my training in handling emotional and psychological distress.

Live Music & Sound Journeys with High-Quality Sound System
I incorporate live music and sound journeys, facilitated through a high-quality sound system, to enhance the emotional and sensory journey. This auditory element is designed to guide you through various emotional landscapes, aiding in your process of inner exploration and discovery.

Hypnosis & Guided Meditation
I use hypnosis and guided meditation to deepen the experience, helping participants to relax deeply, relinquish conscious control, and access subconscious insights. This approach is especially effective for addressing specific issues, unlocking creativity, and fostering a profound sense of connection and universality.

Somatic Exercises
Somatic exercises  allow you to explore and release stored tensions and traumas physically, providing grounding and balancing the cerebral aspects of the journey.

Dosage and Consumption of Psychedelic Truffles
I offer psychedelic truffles, with dosages ranging from 21 to 42 grams, tailored to each participant's experience level, sensitivity, and personal preference. This customization allows for an experience that can vary from mild to deeply profound, accommodating both beginners and those with more experience seeking personal growth or healing.


Parts Work (IFS)
I integrate Internal Family Systems (IFS), or Parts Work, offering a powerful framework for understanding and harmonizing the various sub-personalities or "parts" within oneself. This work leads to significant insights and healing, particularly in addressing internal conflicts and fostering self-compassion.

Transformative Coaching
Throughout the journey, I provide transformative coaching to support personal growth and the realization of participants' intentions. This coaching is tailored to help integrate the insights gained into practical steps toward personal transformation.

After the psychedelic experience, we keep on working in online integration sessions to help you assimilate the insights and shifts that occurred. This stage is crucial for ensuring that the benefits of the journey are integrated into your daily life, leading to lasting change.

Take this Assesement to find out if you are a fit for Psychedelic Assisted Coaching

How other creators have grown through my Psychedelic Ceremonies

Alex Goebels (Marketer)

“Entering the ceremony, my biggest fears were a bad trip and losing control, yet my intent was to look at things I have pushed away all my life and to connect to my energy.

In the warm embrace of the space, guided by your reassuring presence, even the darker moments felt safe. The songs you sang helped me to go deeper, guiding me through the depths I wished to explore, reminding me I wasn't alone in my journey. 

Now, I navigate life with an open heart, grounded in the present, free from the barriers that once held me back. This experience has undeniably transformed my existence for the better.”

Laura Muenger (Student)

“Before the ceremony I was standing before that big unknown of what I‘m supposed to do with my life. I doubted myself a lot and I was also struggling with repeated behaviors that weren’t serving me.

In the ceremony I felt super safe in the environment to really feel the feelings. I felt super connected, carrying a gigantic amount of love inside me. Now after the ceremony there is a lot of change going on, which scares me less because I feel like even if I don’t know where I‘m going, life will put me where I need to be. I just trust the universe.

The insights that made the biggest difference was how we as women should unite more and how important it is to be able to balance the male and female energies in myself.”

Basile Boudier (Creative)

“The meticulous preparation and personalized approach by Georg were reassuring, making the day of the ceremony a profound experience. The effects were not about altered consciousness but rather heightened senses and an expanded mind, fostering a deep sense of connection. 

Georg played a crucial role, crafting the experience and utilizing music as the guiding thread. It evoked strong emotions and connected me to something deep inside.

The integration process post-ceremony further solidified the impact, resulting in increased confidence, inner peace, and even a reduction in alcohol consumption. This journey ultimately opened the door to a richer, more connected life.”


"Before I started working with Georg, my biggest challenge was not to take situations personally and letting external circumstances influence me. There was hesitation just before signing up because I wasn't sure if the investment would be worth it. However, I decided to go ahead, motivated by a desire for change. 

Now I know that the investment was more then worth it. The top three results from working with Georg have been significant. First, I identified and overcame the root cause of my fear. Second, a beautiful private psilocybin ceremony that included my husband . Third, I learned to find complete acceptance, which has changed my perspective on life. Georg's zone of genius is providing a safe space that allows delving deeply into once soul. What I appreciate most about Georg is his authentic, honest, and extremely peaceful demeanor."