Hypnotic Sound Journeys

Step into an unparalleled realm where music meets the subconscious — where Sophie-Charlotte Adler and Georg Stuby orchestrate an experience like no other. The Hypnotic Sound Journeys aren't just performances or workshops; they're gateways to inner sanctums of trust, self-discovery, and profound relaxation for body and mind.

What sets this journey apart? It's the harmonious blend of improvised ambient music and expertly guided hypnosis, a duo of art forms that transport participants to an oasis within themselves. Here, they don't just listen; they dive deep, embarking on an introspective odyssey that cultivates trust and profound connections within.

Participants unravel the power within, unwinding their nervous systems and seamlessly transitioning from their minds to their bodies—no external aids, just an inner symphony of self-healing. Empowered by their subconscious, they unearth hidden treasures and activate their innate potential, guided by the timeless principle: "We are our own medicine."

The musical canvas is crafted with synthesizers, guitars, field recordings, vocals, and healing frequencies, each note woven to support these transformative processes. This sonic tapestry is the backdrop against which inner exploration and self-rediscovery thrive.

We created these Journeys for Defected Festival, Light House Festival, KoKo London, Naturklang Zurich and many more.

"My experience during this was incredible. I was in space and could see the world from above for a short time. I feel more refreshed than I have in a long time. It was an outstanding experience." 

– Rosaleen –

"The Journey took me into another world. I let go of my body and existed only in a separate space. It was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had."


 The hypnotic journey was a very special experience that I will never forget. People often talk about the journey to oneself. However, this journey not only helped me to get to know myself better but also my soul.