Visualization journey

When visualizing, you intensively imagine certain events, such as your goals. This strengthens your focus and influences your subconscious to search for solutions and ways.

The quality of these visualizations plays an important role. I have created a visualization sequence for you that combines many scientific findings. This sequence consists of five steps.

The journey is designed in the form of a guided meditation, so that you can follow it easily in a relaxed way.



  • Step 1: Positive vibrations

    Get yourself into a high vibrational state.

  • Step 2: Physical & mental relaxation

    Let go. Relax deeply and come to your center.

  • Step 3: Use your sexual energy

    Raise your sexual-creative vibration.

  • Step 4: Visualize & Active Meditation

    Use your senses and emotions for vivid and powerful visualization.

  • Step 5: Certainty & Gratitude

    Feel a deep gratitude that this or something better will occur.

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