The Eternal Journey

Pierre Ravan, Sophie Adler and Georg Stuby bring together a vast background in multiple disciplines.

What all share is a long-lasting bond with house music on the one hand and with spirituality on the other. This is why they are the ideal trio to build a bridge between those two worlds – in order to create unity.

The whole journey is designed as a full circle:

  • The Heartfulness Yoga will bring your body into stillness and make you ready for your
  • Heartfulness Meditationto connect you into your heart.
  • Afterward, the Hypnotic Sound Journey takes you to a state between sleep and dream. While you lay down and listen to the music and words, you can unplug from your everyday thoughts and relax your body, mind and soul. In this state, you are fully open to new insights and ideas. It can also be very easy for you to let go of old thinking that no longer serves you. The music made with synthesizers, guitar, field recordings and healing frequencies supports this process. 
  • After this deep relaxation we bring up the energy through movement and dance & celebrate. 

"My experience during this was incredible. I was in space and could see the world from above for a short time. I feel more refreshed than I have in a long time. It was an outstanding experience." 

– Rosaleen –

"The Journey took me into another world. I let go of my body and existed only in a separate space. It was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had."


 The hypnotic journey was a very special experience that I will never forget. People often talk about the journey to oneself. However, this journey not only helped me to get to know myself better but also my soul.