Living from your heART - The Workbook

Here is the free workbook to my book "Living from your heART - The art of living your creative life from inner peace".



In this workbook, I've put together all the exercises from the book and also some additional materials for you. In this way, I make it as easy as possible for you to think about the questions - and handwrite your answers. This will help your insights sink in even deeper. Also, it's beneficial to review what you've written after a while - and see how you and your life have evolved since then.

  • All exercises from the book

    Answer the questions and let your insights sink in even deeper.

  • Habit Tracker

    Use the Habits Tracker to quickly build new habits.

  • Eisenhower Matrix Template

    Use one of the simplest and most effective management tools to get more done by setting clear priorities.

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