Free Coaching Session

Great! You want to book your free coaching session. In this session we will have a look on where you are, where you want to go, what is holding you back - and how you can get the obstacles out of your way. If we both want to continue this journey togther we can see if this is an option for both of us - or not. 

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You might ask yourself "Why is he offering this?". First of all coaching is not like buying bread in a bakery. You can’t touch it. It is also not like getting a haircut - because the magic is created between both of us.

You have to experience it to find out if it is really for you - or not. I have to get to know you and your mission before I might offer you one of my limited coaching seats. This is not a scarcity marketing trick. I only coach 5 people at a time because I want to be able to be 100% present for each of them.

Georg Coaching Studio

If I feel confident and excited about you and your mission, I will open the portal for us to work together. You are now completely free to say “Hell Yes!” and go through with it - or to say  “No, not right now". There is no obligation to continue future sessions.

Are you ready to experience a profound and life changing coaching session? Feel free to click here and schedule your free session with me.