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Never before has the world around us developed and changed as quickly as today. Creative entrepreneurs, so-called "artrepreneurs", play an increasingly important role in this.  

For them, it is not only important to become masters of their craft, but also to sell themselves and their skills, as well as set up their projects as a business and finance them.  

At the center of all this is you, the creative person, human being and artistic soul. To be able to provide added value in the long term, you must first be healthy yourself. If you find inner peace, it will guide you to become mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced. Only then can you create the impossible in collaboration with other people.  


That's why in this book you will gain insight and practical tools for:

1. Increasing mental and emotional well-Being, separate from past experiences, separate from present challenges and separate from uncertainty.

2. Achieving brilliance in your creative process.

3. Defining a strong vision for your life.

4. Building structures and systems that make things easy for you.

5. Getting fresh perspectives on deeper interpersonal relationships.

6. Building a prosperous service based business around your unique skills.

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The Album picks up the 8 biggest messages of the book and puts them into music. 

The 8 songs are influenced by Gospel, Disco, Nu Disco, Soul, early R&B and Psychedelic Rock.

Listen at Spotify and/or download the Files at Bandcamp. Use "Album100" for 95% off.

Visualization journey

When visualizing, you intensively imagine certain events, such as your goals. This strengthens your focus and influences your subconscious to search for solutions and ways.

The quality of these visualizations plays an important role. I have created a visualization sequence for you that combines many scientific findings. This sequence consists of five steps.

The journey is designed in the form of a guided meditation, so that you can follow it easily in a relaxed way.

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Haus der Kalistik

Haus der Kallistik is a platform for artists and creators of all kinds.
We create immersive experiences and events connecting our audience to experiential art forms, self-awareness and interconnectedness.
We inspire, educate and empower by curating spaces to experience more. 
More to see, to hear, to feel, to taste, to smell - more to be.

We were born during Covid to enable connections between artist and audience and have since created art events, brand collaborations and pop-ups across Zürich, London, Milano and Berlin. 
Against all odds we hosted 8 art shows with 8 outstanding artist in 2021. Apart from these we did weekly community building events, ranging from live paintings to carefully curated healing journeys. 
Our events and exhibitions are well curated combinations of art, music, victuals and entertainment to fully immerse our visitors - emphasising the notion that senses are not simply biological in nature, but shaped by culture and experiences.


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