Breaking Out of The Maze

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As some of you might already know I started to work for Spinoza in Amsterdam.

They create Transformational Psychedelic Experiences. In the next months, I am going to support them in developing new programs. Part of my onboarding was participating in one of their beautiful psilocybin ceremonies.

For me, it was the most profound psychedelic journey I went on so far. I experienced the teachings of Sydney Banks in the Yurt. Here is a small bit of what came to me:

Spinoza Yurt

Everything starts with pure energy. We are all coming from the big nothing of pure energy – of pure love. God is a metaphor for love. Love is like the play doo everything is created from. It is the bridge between the world of formless and the world of form.

When we are born we come from the formless world of love into a world of form that has been contaminated with human thinking for thousands of years. We are raised by parents who have been children just a few breaths ago – and who are mostly still immature. They themselves were also raised by their immature parents. 

Through this, we grow up in a world that has been contaminated with limiting and hurtful thinking for generations. On this journey, we forget that we come from pure love and lose ourselves in a maze of thought. The state the world is in since human beings took control over everything else clearly shows where this is going. Most humans are innocently caught in a maze of conditioned thinking and can’t even see that. They are numb to their feelings and themselves. However, there is also enormous beauty in this universe. Every time our brains slow down and we become present we can fully experience this beauty – free from our own distorting filters. 

In these moments a channel is opened that connects us back to the endless reservoir of love. We break out of the maze of suffering for a second. Some walls in the maze fall down. A part of our ego gets healed.

It is possible for everyone to get the blinders removed and fully awaken to this. It is nothing that can be described by words and not understood with the intellect – it has to be experienced and understood by every human individually. Then the walls fall down and we are fully back to a home that we actually never left.

In the days after the experience, I watched these Videos by Syd Banks. The simplicity and profoundness of his work are pure magic.

If you are interested in deeper understanding and through this deeper mental well-being, I highly recommend watching them.

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