14 insights that will deepen your understanding about intuition

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A few weeks ago I hosted my first retreat which was called „Intuition Immersive“. Three amazing humans and me met for six days in one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. There we got deeper and deeper into the experience of intuition. In this article I share some of our key-insights with you.

First, let us look on a definition of „Intuition“ that I found in a dictionary:

„Intuition is the ability to know something without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind.“

Where the Intuition-Immersive took place

This definition is reflected in our key-insights:

  1. Intuition is most present when we slow down our minds. Intuition requires stillness, attention and introspektion. Therefore, we can not hear it when we are stuck in our heads.
  2. The space between two thoughts is where intuition arises. Within that space infinite possibilities exist.
  3. Often the solution to a great problem we are trying to solve will come to us when we are deeply relaxed.
  4. Intuition is the first impulse that comes to you. Then your thoughts kick in and eventually, you start overthinking/overanalyzing. Work with these first impulses. They are your guiding system to wherever you need to be. This is your soul showing you the way.
  5. Inspiration is a form of intuition. Taking action to bring inspiration into existence is the key to creativity. 
  6. Creating it is the bridge between the formless (the world where intuition comes from) and the form (the material world).
  7. Intuition is the Universe speaking to you – Source is you and you are source. Harvest the power in that.
  8. When we follow our intuition, we follow the calling of our soul and therefore honor the devine.
  9. The more you dare to rest in „nothing“, the closer you get to the source.
  10. Inspiration comes when you do your craft (for example playing piano, writing, engineering…). If you do your craft often, you massively higher the chance that inspiration hits you. Slow down in between.
  11. Intuition is accessible at any time in your life. The more you dare to listen without judgement, the more you will hear.
  12. If we are balanced in body, mind and soul our thoughts slow down – and if our thoughts slow down we are more balanced. Due to that keeping your body, mind and soul healthy is important.
  13. Breath is the link between body and brain. Learn how to use your breath to glide into certain states of being. With breathing we have direct influence on our body and brain – also through nutrition, sleep, exercise and how we handle external & internal stressors.
  14. Meditation & (self) hypnosis are fantastic ways to glide into deep relaxation and access our intuition.

What is your experience with „intuition“ and „inspiration“? What helps you to access those?

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