#7: Rob Cook on an inner space before identifications

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In this conversation, Rob and I speak about an inner place of calmness and peace and how to access it.

Who is Rob, and why should you follow him?

Before Rob transitioned into coaching, he was in the US Air Force, where he became a highly-decorated combat veteran, traveled the world, and held several high-profile positions.
After retiring from the military, Rob moved to the Los Angeles area. Through his mentor and close friend Michael Neill, he was introduced to the Three Principles. He went on to become a 3P certified transformative coach through Michael’s Supercoach Academy, discovering an ideal balance between the form and formless realms in his work as a Mindset Coach.
As the founder of unFIT, he offers a fresh approach on How to Unlock Your Health From the Inside/Out through coaching and speaking for start-ups, non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.

4 Insights from our conversation

1. We are more than what we identify ourselves with

One of my favorite parts of the interview is how Rob explains inner peace: „There are boxes that we use to identify ourselves. But there is also a you that exists outside of every one of those boxes. That‘s the space I am talking about. That’s the oneness. That’s before you allow yourself any of those stories based on your identifications. You know that you are love and you are light. That is where you are coming from. That is your default. Innate wellbeing. Before you choose to identify you are light and love. How do you know you are in this space? Because you are not judging. You are not bringing past weight.“

Every time I read this it blows my mind. First of all, it reminds me that I am more than my passions, job, gender, personality, nationality, body shape, desires, etc. It reminds me that there is consciousness in space – and space in consciousness. Remembering this helps me to let go of the loud thoughts that are troubling my soul. Through this, I come back to a blank slate and feeling well in every given moment.

Insight: If I connect back to my essence everything is fine.

2. Come back to a blank slate

If we hold on to thoughts from the past, we get heavy and our radius of action becomes smaller and smaller.

Rob explains this with a metaphor: If we would keep on putting clothes on every day without at first taking yesterday’s cloth off, we could barely walk at the end of the week. We have to take off yesterday’s cloth first in order to embrace today’s ones without any past weight.

Insight: Every day is a new day. If I let go of yesterdays though I am ready to see the world in a new light.

3. Meet People where they are

Sometimes it can be difficult to connect with humans. This gets especially tricky if these humans are family relatives.

Rob realized: Meet people where they are and find something that they love. Get into this space with them and you get some glimpses into their world. 

Insight: Slow down, find out what moves the person in front of you and explore this together with them.

4. The Essence of the 3 Principles

One way Rob and I are connected is through the 3 Principles. The 3 Principles bring psychology and spirituality together. Rob saw them in a very simple and beautiful way:

  1. The Principle of Mind: Mind is the Oneness. When we rest in Mind, we know that are one.
  2. The Principle of Thought: Thought creates duality. Through the power of thought we all express Mind differently. This is beautiful and inspiring. 
  3. The Principle of Consciousness: This is the awareness in which of the first two I am operating at every given moment. When I am in a light-hearted feeling, I know I am operating from Mind. When I am in a full-blown argument, I know I am operating from duality. 

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