Alpha Brainwaves – How utilizing them will improve your life

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Hey, welcome to this blog article about alpha brainwaves. I am going to show you some things that you can easily understand and utilize for yourself and the people around you.

But why is that important? I can tell you a little about myself:

When I was younger I thought the only right way to operate in the world is to use my intellect. Even though I experienced many great coincidences and spontaneous insights, I did not trust them and thought that they are unreliable. I constantly ignored my inner guidance, which led to all kinds of problems, such as states of high anxiety and panic attacks. Luckily I met the right teachers, who thought me how to slow down, how to access my subconsciousness, and how to utilize insight. This is why I have been exploring a lot of different approaches to bring myself and also my clients in these states.

Setting yourself and people in the right states before you do your magic is something that a lot of highly successful people do. Last year I had the honor to meet Madonna backstage before the show and participate in something she has been doing for ages and what she calls “The Stair Case Prayer”. In this “Stair Case Prayer” she gathers with all her dancers, musicians, and singers, shares emotional stories, does somebody movement exercises and celebrates, in order to bring herself and all the others into the right energy for the show.

But what exactly happens in such cases? And how can you use it for your own benefit? Let`s dive deeper into our brainwaves.

The different Brain Waves

Our brain operates on different brain waves. You can imagine these brain waves like the different gears of a car. None of these gears is bad or good per se. A particular gear is only more useful in certain situations than in others. The first gear, for example, is great for starting the car – but it’s pretty crappy on the highway.

The different gears are called Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma

Delta, Theta and Alpha are our inner world – our subconsciousness.

Delta and Theta are the waves of dreaming and deep relaxation

Alpha Brainwaves we experience daily shortly after waking up or falling asleep.

Beta is our normal everyday consciousness, the level of our intellect.

Gamma corresponds to increased attention and a very narrow focus.

Most people “only” use beta and sometimes gamma. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could consciously use all of the brain waves? Can you imagine what then would be achievable? The great news is that it is possible. I will show you some possibilities and ways to do this.

But first I would like to explain to you briefly why it is even crucial to learn this. 

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, one of the leading experts on healing, our body can only heal itself when it is relaxed. Under stress, our system is in fight and flight mode and all healing and repairing work is stopped. That is why chronic stress is life-threatening – and relaxation is healthy.

This means that we have to be on theta, delta, and alpha waves in order to heal and also to be able to perceive transformative insights and new perspectives. Even Albert Einstein knew about this. One of my favorite Einstein quotes is:

“I think 99 times, but I find nothing. I swim in Silence, and the truth comes to me.”

Albert Einstein

He knew how important slowing down is – and that it even makes his work easier and more productive.

The deeper we dive into relaxation action, the more our inner critic becomes muted. And the easier we can accept and learn new things. There is a catalyst for this: Positive feelings!  They strengthen these processes. Do these concepts make sense to you?

In order to tune into theta and delta, you need external guidance, for example, a hypo therapist. Into alpha you can tune into by yourself. So let’s explore some ways into alpha together.

How to bring yourself into alpha brainwaves

When we utilize alpha brainwaves, we have better memory and recall. And because we are calmer, we tend to be more focused and make better decisions. Also, our bodies are healing way better.

As mentioned above, we are all always on alpha after waking up and just before falling asleep.  To go there consciously there are many ways, which lead to physical and mental relaxation – and with that to insights, enhanced creativity, and productivity. Today I show you 10 ways:

1. Breathing exercises, for example from yoga. One of my favorites is called “Nadi Shodhanana”. This breathing exercise is also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing. In the video below I show you how to do it.

2. Yoga Asanas.

3. Meditation. A great way to learn mediation is the app “Headspace”.

4. Self-hypnosis techniques, such as the finger technique from the first video. A very well-known self-hypnosis system is Silva Mind Control.

5. Massages, for example with a Black Roll.

6. Going for  a walk – especially in nature 

7. Reading of spiritual texts. For this, I can recommend the book “The Missing Link” by Sydney Banks.

8. Certain substances, for example, raw cacao and CBD drops

9. Aromatherapy

10.  Music therapy

These are all things that are easily accessible in our world today. Can you add more to this list? If you can think of other ways to tune into alpha brainwaves, please share it with us in the comments.

I would also like to show you an exercise on the aforementioned catalyst of positive emotions that I learned from Tony Robbins. We can do it directly together. The emotion with the highest effectiveness is gratitude. Also this exercise I show you in the video.

What did you learn today? Would you add something to this article? Let us know in the comments 🙏😊

Ps. If you would like to explore about the together with me, you can book a free 1 to 1 talk with me here.

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